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If you want to lose weight then you must regain your health!!!

I always tell my clients:
“If you want to lose weight, then health is a priority. You will never see a fat healthy person. It’s physiologically impossible to be fat and healthy.”
In this article I am going to concentrate on the importance of alkalisation and health. If you alkalise effectively, your energy is improved enormously and the side effect is FAT LOSS!!!
“An alkaline body can absorb up to 20 times more oxygen than an acidic body.” Not my words but those of Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Winner. He also found that diseased bodies are acidic bodies, which repel oxygen and attract the overgrowth of micro-organisms, therefore becoming highly pleomorphic (meaning many forms).
As your body becomes acidic, your body's oxygen level begins to drop, leaving you tired and fatigued. This is what allows fungus, mould, parasites, bad bacteria and viral infections to flourish and gain a hold throughout the body.
The biggest causes of acidity in the human organism are as follows:
• Negative thinking
• Relationship and financial stress
• Tap water , tea, coffee and alcohol
• Animal protein
• Dairy foods( including those garbage whey and casein drinks!)
• Processed sugar (especially carbonated drinks)
• Processed foods
• Cooked food
• Pharmaceutical drugs
• Anaerobic exercise
This pretty much covers 99 % of people’s diets. This is why we have an epidemic of disease in our society. Open your eyes and see if you can spot happy healthy people because it’s like trying to spot a dodo!!!

To increase alkalinity in the human organism, you need the following:
• Positive thinking
• Happy relationship
• Alkalised water (see my Micro Ioniser water machine)
• Adopt a 80% raw food diet
• Adopt a 80% alkaline diet e.g. vegetables, fruits & legumes
• Correct breathing
• Get the right dose of sunshine
• Aerobic exercise
At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer cells become dormant and at pH 8.5 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live.
Oxygen cannot stick to blood cells if the pH of the blood is too acidic. You can breathe pure oxygen, but if the blood pH is acidic, the oxygen will not be able to be picked up by the blood cells. It is chemically impossible. The blood must be normal. Normal blood has a pH of around 7.365 pH.
Remember that ATP (ENERGY) is dependent upon oxygen availability. Then doesn’t it make perfect sense to increase the body’s oxygen levels? You will automatically increase energy levels.

Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., considered the world's most recognized author on human physiology, has spent the better part of his life studying the pH or acid/alkaline balance of the body. In his "Textbook of Medical Physiology" which is used to train medical students he states
"The first step in maintaining health is to alkalize the body.”
Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel did an experiment [1912-1940] keeping cells from a chicken heart alive and reproducing new cells for 28 years!
A chicken's lifespan is far less than this. Why did these chicken cells live so well and so long? Dr Carrel did this by placing the cells in a saline solution, that was the perfect temperature, pH, and nutrient/mineral balance.

He replaced this solution daily (cleaning away the toxic [acidic] wastes). Eventually, after 28 years the purpose of the experiment was achieved. The cells did not die of aging they simply stopped the experiment and Dr. Carrel concluded the following;
"The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and, as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever."

So, cells do not have to age or become diseased. At least one reason they do is because of the acidic wastes which are trapped in the cells. When cells are properly nourished, bathed and cleansed daily, they're allowed to function properly and they don't become diseased.
We can't take our cells, put them into a perfectly formulated solution and change this solution daily like Dr. Carrel did, but we can drink plenty of alkaline ionized water daily and add Alkalising Salts.

Every biochemical reaction is pH sensitive, with enzymes being especially sensitive. Our diet plays an important role in maintaining appropriate pH levels in the body. This is why energy is increased when you eat an alkaline diet which consists of lots of green vegetables and alkaline fluids. ENZYMES function more efficiently with an alkaline Ph giving you more ENERGY and regeneration capabilities.

Raising pH increases the immune system's ability to kill bacteria, concludes a study conducted at The Royal Free Hospital and School of Medicine in London.
Viruses and bacteria that cause bronchitis and colds thrive in an acidic environment.
When you feel yourself coming down with a cold or flu like symptoms, this is when I strongly advise shifting your PH levels towards a higher alkalinity state using the alkalizing salts and a meat, dairy and sugar free diet whilst following a vegan raw food diet.

When we become acidic, we also start losing calcium and magnesium out of the blood and the bones. Minerals are harnessed in a mandatory need to keep the blood pH slightly alkaline. This becomes a losing game, for most people are also deficient in magnesium and other basic buffering minerals.
A combination of four highly alkalising, powerful carbonate mineral salts, Alkalising Salts is incredibly effective at boosting the alkalinity of the body.

The effect of the four powerful bicarbonate mineral salts in Alkalising Salts have been scientifically validated in the American Journal of Nutrition (probably the most respected scientific nutrition journal in the world,) the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (another ‘top ranked’ scientific journal), the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, the Nutrition Journal and many more.
Alkalising Salts: Powerful, Scientifically Proven Alkaline Mineral Salts Immediately Neutralise Even The Most Acidic Body and Instantly Give The Benefits of the Alkaline Diet.

When your body does not have enough alkaline minerals to neutralise the acids you consume, it is catastrophic to your body. This over-acidity leads to a whole host of symptoms including fat gain, muscle loss, fatigue and premature aging.
Alkalising Salts contains only the four proven, strongest and most necessary alkaline mineral salts – designed to work exactly how your body works, to dramatically increase alkalinity.

Dosage for the Alkalising Salts: start off with ½ teaspoon in the morning before breakfast and work up to 1 teaspoon in a glass of alkalized ionized water.
So in summary: when you increase your alkalinity you have more energy and oxygen, which will enhance your metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat for fuel.
Remember: You are only as healthy as the fluids your cells are bathed in. No different to what Dr .Alexis Carrel found during his chicken heart cell experiment which went on for an amazing 28 years!